We are treasury specialists who work with businesses of all sizes to improve profitability and reduce obvious (and not so obvious) banking costs.
Our Benchmarking service, The Bank & Treasury Review, delivers significant savings in fees relating to payments, bank accounts, borrowing, deposits, currency transfers, foreign exchange and interest rate risk management etc
A recent client’s Review is typical – eliminating international inward payment charges, international payment fees and currency account fees delivered savings of £5,000* for a £6m turnover business.
*The size of savings will vary from business to business.

Overhead Cost Reduction
Not just banking costs but all overheads in a business. Reduce telecom, insurance, energy, stationery, printing and payroll costs etc.

Maintain and, even improve, quality of service with reductions that go straight to your bottom line.

Why pay £x+1 when you could pay £x?
Interest Rate Calculations
Our software re-calculates and verifies overdraft interest for single accounts, group accounts, loans, deposit interest, interest rate swaps, collars, caps etc. in all currencies.

[If you would like verification that your interest is calculated correctly, please contact us]
Arrangement of Corporate Debt and Working Capital Finance
Loans, overdrafts, bank tenders, property finance, debt re-scheduling, asset finance, invoice discounting, company credit cards, working capital optimisation. 

In this new credit environment, it’s important to have lenders who understand your business and provide fair terms and conditions.

[For efficient debt finance, please contact us]
For an initial consultation
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Reduce your overall bank costs
Manage your foreign exchange risk better (and cheaper)
Reduce your bank transaction costs

We can help your business

  • - Reduce your overall bank costs
  • - Manage your foreign exchange risk better (and cheaper)
  • - Reduce your bank transaction costs
  • - Help you create a treasury policy that covers foreign exchange risk, interest rate risk and your funding requirements
  • - Arrange loans, overdrafts and other sources of finance. (Please do not despair in these difficult markets)
  • - Review interest calculations on overdrafts, loans and interest rate hedging products such as swaps, collars and caps
  • - Re-banking your business
  • - When requested we can provide your business with a full-time or part-time in-house Corporate Treasurer

These bullet points are a quick summary of how we can help your business. If you have a bank or treasury problem or concern, please talk to us as we are likely to have a solution.  For a free initial consultation, please contact Stephen O’Hare* at 07752 945775

Bank and Treasury Efficiency Review

We also offer businesses an in-depth independent Bank and Treasury Review. The aim is to make bank and treasury relationships more efficient resulting in reduced costs and/or increased income.

It is an in-depth review of a business’s banking costs, structure and arrangements. It is based on a twelve month analysis of your bank balances and transactions. The objective is to enhance efficiency and identify areas for cost savings resulting in increased profitability. It is an area where most financial controllers and directors simply do not have the time available to review in such detail. The Review does not just focus on lending margins but is all-embracing from an analysis of payment methods to bench marking of margins applied to foreign exchange transactions. Our treasury experience and knowledge has benefited many businesses since 2000. The savings have been significant in most cases

*O’Hare Treasury Consultancy Ltd commenced trading in January 2000 and is managed by Stephen O’Hare B.Sc (Acc) AMCT, an experienced corporate treasurer from our offices in Hillsborough.

Stephen has experience of bank AND corporate treasury: He has managed a global bank’s foreign exchange and treasury department in Belfast and has direct experience working with some of the UK and Ireland’s leading companies in helping them achieve substantial bank and treasury efficiencies.

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